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he proposed that by selective use or disuse of organs, organisms could obtain or shed specified attributes which might be then handed on for their youngsters and future generations, finally switching the species

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A characteristic that increases somebody's skill to outlive and reproduce in a particular surroundings.

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Process during which the nucleus of an Grownup mobile of one animal is fused with the vacant egg from A further animal. The embryo which results is placed Within the uterus of a 3rd animal to establish.

Genetic Investigation of the embryo right before start, to be able to Examine that the embryo isn't going to carry any genetic Problems.

An natural and organic compound that is definitely made of a number of chains of amino acids and that's a website principal ingredient of all cells, employed for development and restore


A series of starters for every lesson in B3 of the new AQA GCSE. Intended to be Utilized in later subject areas to work as remember and to touch base on previous ...

A condition that is not infectious or contagious; not able to be transmitted from one particular organism to a different. Many are Serious disorders that produce with time and are the result of the interaction of genetic, behavioural, and environmental things.

A genetic disorder that happens in individuals with two copies of a particular recessive allele; characterised by an abnormal secretion of mucus and consequent vulnerability to an infection; fatal if untreated.

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Oral cavity; opening on the digestive tract or alimentary canal; Starts preparing of foodstuff for digestion

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